Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 weeks of illegal chicken tending

Our chicks made it through their first weekend with chick sitters (thanks Maribeth and Erin!), and when we got back, they looked HUGE to us.  The coop is coming along, and we're (well, Jim is) hastening construction.  As our trio gets bigger, so does their er... leavings.  And it's getting a little stinky in the basement. 
Yesterday, they were treated to a few strawberries from our backyard patch.  One chick would pick it up, and run away from the others to scarf it up.  Except one of the other two would be right behind, ready to grab and run.  I couldn't catch that on video, but here's a short look at Abraham Lincoln playing keep away.  You might also notice a hopping rabbit at the end, as the camera pans up.  She's a wild one (no pet rabbits here).

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