Friday, May 18, 2012

Willa's first sleep over

Willa is, I hope asleep right now.  It is 10:44 pm, and she is 2 houses away.  She's at her first non-family sleepover party.  She was worried yesterday evening about... every little thing.  This evening, it seems, was a different story.  I was in class tonight, so Jim helped her get ready.  I've asked him to record this little glimpse.  Ready?  Okay, I'm handing the laptop to him now.

Willa was pretty excited about being asked to sleep over at her friend Michaela's house. She wolfed down the grilled cheese sandwich I made her, and when I turned around she had her overnight bag slung over her shoulder and was heading for the door. I told her, "Willa it is only 6:20pm and your friend asked you to come over at 6:45." She said, "I know,but can I wait on the porch?" I couldn't say no to her, so there she sat, on the porch with her bag around her body and one arm thrust through her sleeping bag. Several times she asked if it was time to go.  At about 6:30 she saw the neigbor dad and told me- "I see Mr. Mark, can I pleeeze goooo???" When her friend appeared at the door to their house, she jumped up and literally ran over to her. I gave up trying for a hug goodbye and just hoped she had a great night... 

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