Wednesday, July 11, 2012

11 weeks of fowl

It's been a few weeks since the last chicken report.  The truth is I don't see much difference between an 8 week old chicken and and 11 week chicken.  So, they pretty much look the same.

There have been major advances in the coop construction. There are 4 walls now.  Our trio of feathered pals should be evicted from the basement by the weekend - though throwing them from a nice 70 degree basement to 90+ degrees seems kind of cruel.* 

The coop news is huge.  First, because well meaning folks keep asking if it's done.  They do not know the hours and sweat put into this.  It's not just slapped together.  We need to think about ventilation, and warmth, and raccoons, and mites.  There's a lot of caulk involved in keeping out mites. 

Additionally, it is a fact that Mr. Sinki and I have brains wired in such a way that we do everything exactly the opposite from how it would be logical to the other.  Some might think this would be good for a physical project: the whole balance of strengths, right?  It is not.  Some might think it would be an opportunity to learn another style and practice communication.  Ha ha.  That's what I thought when we redid the kitchen.  No.  Now we laugh and hug each other while keeping our other unhelpful thoughts to ourselves and pray that we're done soon.

So... the coop being almost done is awesome.  There will be a coop christening party in August.  You should come.

Hazel, Alice, and Penny get a drink while in their favorite spot under the lilacs.
* Random fact for you: chickens pant like dogs when they're hot.

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