Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sinki breakfast, provided by our pet chickens

This morning, I walked from the front door to the coop.  There's a noticeable fall chill in the air in the mornings.  The dogs ran to the backyard to clear it of squirrels for me.  I was greeted with quiet rustling of the hens, and then a few clucks when I opened the coop door.  I smiled as I plucked the egg from their bedding, patted both Alice and Hazel (we don't know who is laying), opened the door to the run, shut the people door, and came back to the house with the egg in the pouch of my Americorps hoodie. 

This was our fourth egg.  Which meant we had enough for scrambled eggs.  Very small eggs means very small portions, but they were so, so good.

This is a salad plate.  Our eggs might be sized small by the USDA, but they'll get bigger as the hens grow.

Jim and I have been joking about the cost of each egg.  I'll tell you: making your own coop is not cheap (or quick).  I think we both agree that the experience of raising day old chicks to laying age has been worth it.  Yesterday Jim was inspired and spent a lot of the day working on finishing up the coop while I tried to will myself away from being sick (allergies, cold?  I don't know.).
I got an update on Penny the rooster yesterday.  He is making a farm family very happy.  They've never had a friendly chicken before, and their little girl loves to spring out of bed in the morning to collect eggs from Penny's friends, and cuddle him.  He's doing a great job as a second rooster, and today he meets 15 new hens that the people are bringing home just for him! 

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