Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebrating Jim

On Sunday, I finished my school paper at about 3 pm. Jim took the kids to his parents' house for swimming and celebrating Father's Day with his family. I joined them, and got the run down on what the kids picked out for Grandpa for a gift. They got some sauces for ice cream. And some toys for the pool. And milk. Henry demanded that milk be gifted to grandpa. Why? "Because it's funny."
Anyhow, we swam. And swam. Then we went to dinner, and then a walk at a park that is less than a mile away from our house and full of frogs and deer. I caught a frog, Willa held it. Then Willa, my child freaks out when she sees an ant caught a frog.
Then this happened:

And then we went home.

I'm so lucky to be parenting these kids with Jim as a partner. He is tough when I am weak. He is gentle with them when I am ready to pack them up for the Gypsies. He hides with me behind a shut door to laugh our fool heads off over the zany things these to miracles/monsters do and say.


NotAppealing said...

Awesome moves. Henry's aren't bad, either.

Monica said...

Love his moves! And the gypsy comment. It always reminds me of the Shel Silverstein poem about the gypsies. :)

Anonymous said...

Two words you ready....

Anonymous said...

arrgh! actually I laugh every time I see this. Nice job capturing the real Jim and Henry!
-Sinki Dad