Monday, June 27, 2011

Perfect summer day

Things look different here, don't they? Yeah... the site changed the design to a desert-scape, and I couldn't find the original template again, so now we're all vernal and green.

Yesterday we all got in the car, got out at Townsend Park, and ate a picnic lunch while listening to some raptor baby squawking for lunch. We also spent time wadding in a stream catching minnows, playing Uno on a blanket, and walking in the woods. Henry and I climbed a steep slope. Willa spotted a Butler's garter snake. Jim pointed out mole tunnels.

Then we drove north more and looked at Wabasis Park. We ate dinner on the deck of the Clifford Lake Inn (which is said to be haunted). We ended the day with an ice cream stop on the way back home.

When the car was unpacked, Willa and I caught fireflies in the front yard.

It was only 10 hours, but it felt like a vacation.

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