Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Around the house

We at Camp Sinki are in full summer mode. Look at that chalk line! A cluster of 5 kids made that, stretching 4 houses. And who needs some lettuce? Mmm....

Doesn't this look like a sweet lil' neighborhood? Buy our house now, and get all the produce that ripens later. Yup, our house is still on the market. It's been less than 2 months, and we've had 7 (I think) showings. Not bad. Our realtor said that June has been slow for the whole local market, and not just our home.

We did find a house that we loved. So much that I actually had daydreams about our life there. The house had 4 bedrooms and more than one bathroom! There was a garage, and a huge pole barn, and a little guest house. I was in the middle of thinking about having a flock of three hens and a "play room" of my own for reading or sewing or not having to hear "MOM!" every minute of the day when I got an email from our realtor saying that it was priced so low there were 4 offers in the first three days, and there was already a contract. Sigh... did I tell you that behind the huge backyard was a city park? I know, I know... we mourned a little. But, onward!

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