Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Willa has a great memory, is very funny, and wants a chicken for a pet

Willa and I were lazily swimming in Jim's parents' pool. She was telling me that she'd like a pet bunny. And a bird. Also a few kitties, a frog, a third dog, some more fish. And, of course a chicken. This kid: she's soooo me. I should not be shocked. We've had ample warning. Take a look at this post from when she was 18 months old.

So, back to the pool. She and I started joking about pet giraffes and other ridiculous animals for pets. I share with her the following:

Me: When I was a little girl, we weren't allow to have any pets that had fur or feathers.
Willa: Why?
Me: Because of Uncle Bill's asthma. Fur and feathers would make it really hard for him to breathe. So, I decided one day that I would like a pet pig.
Willa: That's a good idea! They only have little hairs!
Me: I know, smart, eh? So, my mom said that if the city allowed a pet pig, she'd think about it. I found their number in the phone book and called to ask. Wasn't that brave, Willa? I was only eight years old.
Willa (with huge eyes): What happened?
Me: Well, when they answered, I asked, and they laughed and hung up on me. They thought it was a joke.

Pals, this really happened when I was little. I cried for the rest of the afternoon.

She and I laughed, and spent another hour playing in the water.

We went into the house to change back into clothes. When she was done, she picked up a toy telephone, and said, "hello, Grand Rapids? Can I please have a pet chicken?" And then she hung up, laughing.


Keri said...

Ha! Willa's phone call to the city made me laugh.

Young Amy's phone call to the city made me sad.

Anonymous said...

I could very easily take care of her want for a pet chicken !!!