Friday, September 02, 2011

Outing. Robots. Sweet girl.

Blanco de Sinki has been kind of Willa heavy lately, hasn't it? I imagine it has a lot to do with the deep down part of my brain wrestling with the fact that the newborn that joined our family yesterday is going to kindergarten on Tuesday. Not next year, not in a few months, or weeks... Tuesday. Woah.

We're working on changing routines in increments to help our first day go well. Soon, Henry and I will walk away from the elementary school, and start the rest of our day. And then, I'll probably have more to type about the little boy, who insists on being called a "medium sized boy."

Yesterday the kids and I went to Meijer. Mundane. Unless one is 5 days post gall bladder removal. This was the first time I took them out by myself. I wasn't on pain meds, I could brake quickly if needed. We walked around the whole store picking up fruits and vegetables, folders with horse pictures, and a pencil sharpener. Success, though I felt exhausted and kind of sore at one incision. I'll take the lifting restrictions more seriously for the next few days.

When we got home, Willa took a paper bag, and started to imagine it into a robot costume (one of 781 costumes Henry would like for Halloween). And then she counted our reserve paper bags, asking me how many kids were going to be in her Kindergarten class again. I asked what she was doing. "Well, I thought I would make robot costumes for me and all of my new friends."

I closed my eyes for a moment, listening to the deep down part of my brain pleading, "please, please, please, let my little girl keep this feathery sweetness about her."

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Christina said...

I'm pretty sure she will :-)