Friday, September 30, 2011

Today ends the first month of Kindergarten for the Sinki famiy. I know that Henry, Jim, and I aren't sitting next to her on the carpet while they review the calendar. I know that she and her peers negotiate the monkey bars at recess. We are not with her during the day, but school has changed our family. The first two weeks, we were exhausted. She was a zombie when I picked her up at the end of the day. All day M-F school will do that, I guess. We were all zombies: our wake up time changed. We had to figure out 1 bathroom and 4 people who all needed to be in it at the same time. Lunch had to be made and packed up, shoes carefully picked out (is it gym today?), and forms, and forms, and forms... But we did it. Today, I got to go to the ballet with Willa and her class. Which meant Willa went on her first bus ride. Two weeks ago, the class all sat on a bus to learn about etiquette and emergency procedures. Today, Willa was my stewardess: "mom, if the bus tips over, we can get out through that hatch on the roof, and if we need it, there's a door in the back, and these windows come down..." Kind of a worrier, that one. The ride was fine. The ballet was... well, I think I share the opinion of ballet with a lot of 5 year old boys. Ballet is not "my thing" but I didn't put a coat over my head like my pal next to me did. I straightened him out, and then spent the rest of the time enjoying Willa's enthralled face down the row from me, and trying to get the other kids to be still and quiet. That's a challenge when it's dark, and quiet(ish), and you don't know names. Also, noteworthy: dark is different in the age of light up tennis shoes. I met a lot of characters today. There's no English girl (only one, I think), girl who steps on Willa's heels in line all the time, and Willa's self-proclaimed boyfriend who "sometimes makes bad choices, but is really cute."

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