Friday, October 14, 2011


Some of you have already seen this, if that's the case... move along or reread, whatever.  It's your two minutes.
I've mentioned that through a local message board, I've made some really swell pals.  Yesterday one of them mentioned that she and her toddler son were dressed the alike.  Mom friends?  Does that happen a lot to you?  Because there have been many times that the kids and I are unintentionally dressed alike.  Case in point:
This was at my cousins' wedding, which was out of town. This means that I had to spend time picking and packing both my dress and Willa's. And the whole time, my unconscious is giggling at me, just waiting until I realized that we were wearing Mommy and Me outfits. That happened at the reception, 6 hours after getting dressed in the first place. Oye. I think Willa knew already. I mean, look at her face.

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Christina said...

But I LIKE IT! I love that color on both of you. Willa just doesn't know that it looks good...