Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goodbye baby tooth

For a week, the tooth was plotting it's escape.  On Friday, while visiting with my family in my parents' family room, it finally came out.  Willa galloped over to me with her teeny tooth in her hand, "it happened!"
Luckily, we brought the tooth fairy pillow I had started for her.  She stuffed it, and my mom sewed up the final corner. 
The tooth fairy found us, even though we were out of town.  The tooth fairy left a note.  Gracious, I don't know when "the tooth fairy" last wrote a note in cursive.  It took her a long time.  Er... I'll bet.

And this is the turkey that I made for Friday's Thanksgiving celebration with my family.  He turned out darn cute, so I'm recording this photo to share a vegetarian turkey option.


Christina said...

Congrats on your first lost tooth Willa! Love the turkey too!

Monica said...

I LOVE this turkey! I might have to make it for our family's Thanksgiving next year. :) We did a full vegetarian one this year as my sister gave up the ghost and joined us crazy veggies. It was AWESOME. Now to try to remember for next year...