Thursday, December 01, 2011

My little pal

Dear Henry,
When you read this, you'll be older and I have - God help us - shared this blog with you and your sister.  I know that lately the posts here have been about Willa.    Yeah, I know, you've noticed.
You and I spend our days together alone now.  For three whole months it's you and me during the weekdays.  You've been my sidekick on errands, on walks in the woods, at home doing chores, on the floor playing games and doing projects, and on the couch watching PBS kids.
My arm is with me all the time, and I don't write about that.  But my arm is not full of crazy-energy, affection, questions, demands, humor and ideas.  I've been taking your awesomeness for granted, I think.  Rather, I've been taking my access to your awesomeness for granted.  And I'm sorry. 

Henry (and Chilly Willy the Penguin) at the
Detroit Thanksgiving Parade

Yesterday we were walking at a store, and without thinking or talking about it, you reached up, and I reached down at the same time and we held hands.  Not because there was a crowd or cars nearby.  We just like to hold hands.
At night I sigh with relief when you go to sleep.  You talk a lot.  No, that's an understatement: you talk all the time, and my ears need a break at night.  But what you have to say is delightful and challenges me to learn.  I think you're on the ending edge of your "how do they make" question phase.  Thanks to that, we've watched videos on how pencils and light bulbs and plates are made.  We've talked about roads and crayons and cars being made.  I'm learning some things right with you.
You are a very bright 3 year old.  This morning you explained (in your characteristic paragraph format) what metamorphosis is.  You invent funny pranks.  You are sensitive to feelings.
Kiddo, you're a neat person.  I'm glad to be able to spend this time with you.

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