Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A good January night

On January 10th, Jim became a professor.  He's teaching a night class in Sports Management, and we're all very excited for him. 
Professor Taylor's first day of school 
My boys.

On his first night of class, I took the kids to the Meijer Gardens.  It was beautiful and unseasonably warm.  We walked part of the sculpture loop, and enjoyed the chilly, quiet evening.

The kids atop a hill

Twilight and a star starting to come out.

Willa and Henry ran laps at the horse.  Can you see that blur of pink and purple by that front, right hoof?  That's Willa.  Yup, it's a big horse.
And then the kids got silly.  This was all their idea.  Henry is under the hoof.  Willa is worried.


Anonymous said...

Is the wreath for Fred's passing?

apt said...

Anon. I'm not sure. I assumed it was for the holidays, but that would have been a nice touch.