Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Adventures

On Friday afternoon, I would have never guessed that the Sinkis would travel to every Applebees in central west Michigan over the weekend.  I would have not guessed that I'd be smitten with a mini-van.  I wouldn't have guessed that we'd have special guest stars come visit for a day.

We visited Greenville, Big Rapids, Ludington, and Muskegon on Friday evening.  Jim had to deliver fundraising materials, and brought us along.  When we started, the sun was shining through the windows of the rental (Jim had put a zillion miles on his car already this month for work).  Sun!  Change of scenery!  It was great.

My parents called to see if we had plans for Saturday. They got here just after it finished snowing. The kids showed them every fish, every toy, every trick they knew. It was so nice to spend time with them. I love the rest of my extended family a bunch, but it's nice to get alone time with mom and dad.

Willa and Grandma make a garden stone

The kids and their Grandpa at Vitales
Then on Sunday morning, we went to church for a stirring sermon and a lion dance performance.  My afternoon meeting for my little job was cancelled, because of 5 inches of snow.  We hung out at home for a while and then drove to the lakeshore to finish the Applebees deliveries. 

Then we went to the state park in Grand Haven.  It was cold, but we brought clothes to bundle in.  More on that tomorrow.

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