Friday, February 24, 2012

She reads, writes, draws, and publishes

Willa is literate now.

She and I curl up under the blankets in her bed to read a chapter from The Boxcar Children books every night.  She interrupts to point out words that she can read.  As I was typing, the thought that she won't need me beside her for night time reading crossed my mind.  I can't dwell on that.

She also writes.  A lot.  There are scraps of paper all over our house with lists (Willa's birthday list: a female and a male rabbit, a parakeet, a bird cage...) and sentences (I made this note for you.  You will like it.), and half written notes (Good morning, mom.  Today is February...). 

She wrote a book in November.  It's made of legal paper that she folded in 1/2.  She wrote and illustrated it, and I had no idea what she was doing until she asked for the stapler.  Here it is :

She drew our family at school yesterday, and now the Blog Sinki has a new header.


Keri said...

This is so neat to read about. Yay, Willa!

Christina said...

Love it!!! Have her read aloud to you at night. Maria is totally fine with doing that.

NotAppealing said...

Good lord your daughter is awesome. (One of my favorite activities whenI get to hang out with my sisters nieces is taking turns reading pages.)

Monica said...

Amy-I'm sure you're bursting with pride at your little scholar. She's doing amazing! :) (You can leave this unpublished, I just really wanted to say what an awesome thing it was)

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented enough on yourpostings, I'm glad you noted Willa's book, I thought it was a real point to remember in her developement, and I am so proud of her "projects"!