Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 weeks

Hazel's face has turned red this week.  It happens younger in her breed than most others.  She kind of looks like a Mexican wrestling mask.

Above are some mighty happy chickens.  They are eating yogurt.  Chickens love yogurt, and berries, and lettuce, and  -I've only read - chicken (ick).  They got very excited about this outdoor treat.  It took them a while to figure it out, though.  We dipped grass in the yogurt, and they'd devour it off of the grass.  But they didn't think to eat right from the plate until 10 minutes into their feast.  Chickens: entertaining, but not so smart.  They are the Jersey Shore of the animal kingdom.  I have never seen even a minute of Jersey Shore.  Yet, I'm compelled to make that joke.

Surveying the progress of their new home.

The coop is coming along.  It's taking way longer than we estimated.  Everything generally does, as Jim and I are optimistic people.  This project though... well... it's important that every crack is sealed up because our princesses won't do well with winter drafts.  We need to make sure they get plenty of air in hot and cold weather.  It's also important to make sure it's predator proof.  We have racoons, hawks, oppossums, and a Greta we need to protect them from.  Small neighborhood hands, too.  Also, we'd like it to look nice.  While we're all anxious to get chickens out of our basement, it's not ready yet (though it is closer than the progress in this photo).

Penny/Abe really likes to cuddle with Willa and I.  She/he is less friendly with Jim and Henry.

     Henry is fascinated with this process.  He carries his play toolbox around the yard, pounding nails and asking every 10 seconds how he can be helpful.

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