Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Six week check in

We've had them in the basement for 6 weeks now.  From fuzzy chicks to feathered out junior chickens... but holy hell, I'm ready for these three to move out.  The dust from their pine bedding has left a layer on the bookshelf above the brooder box.  Putting all 3 in a box, and then walking up the stairs, hoping the whole time that Greta doesn't tear them apart, is too stressful. 
So... we put the first layer of paint on the coop frame yesterday.  This color... oye... that's not what I thought it was going to look like.  It's a good undercoat, anyhow...


A man and his chickens.

A nice roost.
This is truly a family project.

Hey, lookie there!  Hazel's got her own wattles now, too.  I'm ignoring what that could mean.  Apparently this breed gets 'em early.  And look at how Penny is becoming so... handsome?  I really like this bird.  Fingers still crossed.

Sweet Alice.  Still likes chickens more than people, but will lie upside down on Willa's chest.  Also, in the sunlight, her feathers are showing some iridescent green.  Pretty little lady.

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