Sunday, July 22, 2012

13 weeks old

13.  Tomorrow our trio of 2 legged pets will be 13 weeks old.  Somewhere along the way,   They were born on April 23, 4 days before my birthday.  I'm checking and double checking.  On average, hens start laying eggs at 20 weeks.  I don't want to stand by the coop tapping my toe too early.  Seven more weeks, ladies....
Ladies?  Yeah... we still don't know.  Here they are inside their coop.

The coop is done enough for them to live in safely and comfortably.  But... it's not done yet.  There's trim to add to the corners, and a run to screen off.  Here it is in the final placement.  A nice, shady spot under the giant maple tree.

Sometimes, they like to sunbathe.

And sometimes they like to cuddle.  Hazel is Willa's favorite.  They laid like this for 30 minutes today.  Many times, Hazel would rest her neck on Willa's.  She likes to have her neck rubbed under the feathers. 

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Maribeth said...

The coop looks great! I hope they lay lots of eggs for you. I enjoy seeing the kids play with the chickens. They will have special memories of their pets.