Tuesday, August 07, 2012

15 weeks

Hazel and Alice are adjusting to life in the yard without Penny.  Alice - when under Penny's influence - used to run from people like a chicken with... well, her head intact.  This week, she's followed sweet Hazel's lead, and has decided that people are not the worst thing in the world.  She sat next to me in the lawn, and permitted me to pet her.  Now that she's not fleeing our hands, I can say that Alice has the softest feathers.

Penny, by the way, is living on a 30+ acre farm with a harem of more than 20 hens.  He gets to watch sheep, a cow, and her calf all day.  I asked his new caretaker for a report (he moved in with them on Friday).  Today she told me that he's a little nervous in the pen, so he keeps flying out of the electric fence, but grazes the whole day next to his soon to be pals.  Most of their chickens aren't very people familiar, but their 3 kids figured out today that Penny is sweet, and like to pet him.  Then she invited our family over for a bonfire next week.  So nice!

I'm deciding what to do with the Penny sized hole in our flock.  We might get 2 bantam chicks in the early spring.  We might pick up a hen in the fall.  I want no more than 4 chickens, and 2 isn't ideal.  In the meantime, it sounds like our 2 ladies and our former gentleman are all fairing well. 

I confess that I miss Penny.  It's weird to look at the chickens and see black, black and white, but no buff.

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