Friday, August 31, 2012


Some quick notes:

- Alice and Hazel are now 18.5 weeks old.  Hazel looks like she's just about ready to lay her first egg, Alice has a while yet, I think. 

- Willa starts 1st grade in a few days.  We're trying very hard to get back into he fall routine for the family.  It's hard right now, because...

- We just got back from vacation.  The Sinkis spent a week in the forests of Kentucky.  I know I always say photos to follow, and rarely post photos.  This time I mean it.

- We're also prepping to have Henry start a preschool/daycare program.  I'm starting my internship next week!

- We closed on the house refinance yesterday.

All of that, plus cramming in the last bits of summer.  Busy times!

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