Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Henry goes to school

Almost exactly 3 years ago I lost my job, and - involuntarily - became a stay at home mom.  Since that day, I have been Henry's sole caregiver during the day. 
Today we shared "the awesome" and, Henry started preschool.
He did a great job getting out of the car, and strutting to the front door.  He bounced up to the classroom door.  When the door opened, 10 new little faces greeted him.  Literally.  They were right on the other side, and all said, "HI!"  That totally overwhelmed Henry who immediately grabbed my hand and hid behind my legs. 
We met his teacher, found his backpack hook, looked at the bathroom, and then it was time.  I got down on his level, and said some words about how I would be thinking about him, and sending him thoughts of bravery and adventure, and that I would be back in a few hours.  He nodded, and we hugged.
I stood up, the (wonderful) teacher took his hand, and led him to the carpet where the kids were getting ready to do some big learning.  He sat on her lap, and looked... a little lost, a little "out of body experience." 
I got in my car and sighed.  My sweet boy.
At the end of the day Willa and I picked him up.  He ran to us - smiling.  He's excited to go back.
His report from the day: "Well... I told those guys on the playground that I was a spy. But they don't know much about spies. I think those guys are younger than me."
It was a very good day.

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