Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Some first week thoughts from Willa

 "Mommmm.... call my school and tell them I'll be an hour late. I'm too tirrrred to move fast today." Morning 2 was a little rough on Willa. 

Yesterday, she noticed I had made her a little beaded zipper pull for her backpack.  Last year I did the same with a little bead that said "love."  She tried to read the message on this year's bead and cocked her head to the side.  I helped her, "it says 'follow your dreams.'"  She thought for a moment and replied, "mom.... I can't follow my dreams!  I'll be in school."  We had a talk about how school will help her to follow her dreams.  "OH!  I get it now.  So, you don't want me to actually sleep in school, right?"  So literal.

I'm editing to include this from dinner: "mom, do you want to hear something sad?  v____ 's mom is in jail.  He said she's in jail for hiring kids and teaching them to kill people."

Big gulp there.

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Erin N. said...

You've got a darling girl.