Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Auld Lang Syne, my dears

I've not been here in almost 2 months now.

I am up later than anyone else in the house right now.  Last night was New Years Eve and we celebrated by playing a movie at home, projected onto our front window's big shade.  We had homemade pretzels and mini coconut pies and bubbly juice.  At 10, we watched the youtube video of the ball drop from 2010.  All four of us went to the porch to light sparklers, and then the kids were off to bed.  Jim and I finished the year by watching a movie and debating if we had enough energy left to open our own, grown up, bubbly juice.  We didn't.

Today we walked.  We've gone for a walk in the woods every New Years Day for a while now.  3 years?  I don't know.  It seems like a good idea.  We're together, we're in nature, we're walking off some of that homemade mini coconut pie...  It was 22 degrees when we finally got to the park, and the first mile passed quickly with observations and the constant "crunch crunch" of the icy boardwalk beneath our feet.  The final .3 of a mile was spent reminding the kids to be quiet so that we wouldn't scare off the deer.  They did.

Today was also spent taking down Christmas for Jim's mom.  I've not recorded here the past 30 days of Jim's dad going to the ER, being diagnosed with Chronic Leukemia, the 24/7 week of chemo, and the slow recovery that has included heart and lung complications.  To say it's been difficult is an understatement, but Jim's dad, his mom, his family, and ours have been supported with love and offers of help and prayers from "our people."

Through this, we managed to get together a lovely Christmas season.  Jim and I supported each other with dark humor, and frank words, patience, and a lot of love.  He would remind me that Christmas is a season, and the kids would still have good memories of this Christmas even if it meant making cookies after the holiday.  We still haven't finished the gingerbread houses.  We still had a nice Christmas.  Phew.

And now it's a new year.  It's inspiring to think of 2013 as a clean slate.  But we've still got an important person in the hospital, and Jim still would like to be working elsewhere, we still not certain about the right plan for our house, and the house is still a mess.   BUT - we still have each other, and our treasures that make our house cluttered, and our human little treasures that make the house messy.  We have (very slow) progress in Jim's dad's recovery, and progress in my school journey, and joy, and joy, and joy.  And, friends, we get to bring you with us into 2013, too.  We are so lucky.

Happy new year, pals.

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