Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Present and future.

There's been a lot of talk and thought and energy put into Willa and Henry as grown ups today.

All four of us went downtown to stand with others from our church at the feet of a Rosa Parks statue.  A small group gathers once a month to hold signs and be a visible presence for marital justice: a code phrase for gay marriage rights.  I have friends who can not legally marry in our state and many more.  I have two children.  If one of them were to grow up and fall in love with someone of the same gender and not be able to marry, I'd be heartbroken.  I am heartbroken for those in that situation currently.  So, we stand.  Henry has a favorite sign that he pulls out of the bag of signs.  He likes it because it is orange (his favorite color) and because it the message of "honk if you support marital justice" makes people toot their horns.  Immediate satisfaction.  Someday, when the Michigan amendment that bans gay marriage is overturned, I will tell my children that they helped make that happen.  "Rosa Parks up there helped people of different skin colors have the same rights by sitting down on a bus seat.  You guys are going to help other people by standing here in the cold." 

Later today, Willa and I were in the car after an errand to swap out a Christmas Barbie for a different toy.  "Willa, what kind of adult do you think mom and dad hope you become?" I asked.
"Yes, smart.  What else?"
She thought for a bit, "Kind.  Respectful.  Responsible.Loving."
I held my breath, said my silent motherhood prayer of "please, please, please" and continued on.

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