Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Movin' to the country?

We were discussing how this has been the season of farm animals for Willa. Visits to the State Fair, the petting area of the GR zoo and Binder Park, and now the Post Family Farm have put Willa face to face with more farm animals than cats or dogs. Do you have a goat? 'cause we'll come over to your house, put a quarter into the food dispenser and feed it while petting it. Jim said she's going to want all these farm animals.

On the way home from the last outing (which was billed as a family trip to the pumpkin patch) Jim started musing about opening something similar but better ourselves. I think he wants a pony for his birthday.

Hmmm... look for Camp Sinki sometime soon. You'll find pumpkins, and concerts, and Sunday brunch, and a roadside produce stand, and a summer camp. And goats. In the interest of full disclosure, this is a Binder Park goat (last weekend) not a Post Family Farm goat (this past weekend).

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Anonymous said...

Will there be sweet potatoes at your produce stand?