Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Oh Willa,

Well you went ahead and got another year older on Monday. Three.

I woke up with the sun, and couldn't get back to sleep, I was so excited for you. We were all staying at home to celebrate and hang out. I went to the kitchen and made pancakes. I got a small bowl of fruit together for you. I put the fruit, a sippy cup of milk, and your special "3" shaped pancake on a tray and went upstairs. You were awake and reading books in bed.

"Is my birthday here?"

I laid in your bed with you while you ate your special breakfast. I told you about the morning of the day you were born. How you came in the middle of the night and in the morning, you and I danced in the hospital room, the light just right...

We came downstairs and started the day.

Which meant that daddy and Henry played for a little while before leaving mom and dad's room. You and I watched Sesame Street. Did you know I was talented enough to see Sesame Street from behind my eyelids? Hey, I was up at the crack of dawn making pancakes...

You opened a few presents in the afternoon:

We made a birthday crown:

We went to the zoo, where even this normally reclusive lady came out to wish you a happy birthday:

We went to the park where we walked and played:

We came home and played around:

Then we ate dinner, sang "happy birthday,"ate cake and ice cream. Later we opened and played with the rest of the presents.

Daddy gave you a bath, and I took you upstairs to read 3 stories from your new Harold and the Purple Crayon book.

It was a great way to celebrate the day you entered this world.
Happy third birthday, Willa bird.
Love always,


Keri said...

Awww... beautiful post, Amy.

Happy birthday, Willa!

Also, I love the picture of everyone in your whole house sitting/laying on Jim. :-)

Erin N. said...

Amy she is a beautiful little girl.

Happy birthday Willa!!!

AmyinMotown said...

OK, so you KILLED ME with the baby picture. How do they go from that to these walking, talking, mouthy, smart, delightful little people so fast?? Happy birthday to Miss Willa! And best wishes to her mom and dad (three? not for the faint-hearted).

Beth said...

Last photo = stunning.

Christina said...

So sweet Amy! Happy Birthday Willa and I'm glad you like Harold and the Purple Crayon too!

Kerri said...

Happy belated birthday, Willa!