Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My sister, Lisa

There has been a lot of talk lately about what characteristics make a hero. Pals, here's an example of an honest to goodness hero.

A year ago, my sister called me from Tampa. Her shaky voice more than the words told me that her world was shattered even more than we expected. The twin girls that had been growing inside of her had died that morning. The pregnancy had been complicated. Their growth had been complicated.

Missing them, Nadilynn and Samatha, who - so beautifully ironic - only Lisa and Ken got to physically touch, has been complicated. I saw their photos. So teeny, frustrating close to perfect. A chin from one relative, the nose of another, 20 fingers and 20 toes. And, thankfully, they looked so at peace.

A lot of you at that time offered so much support and generous words of healing and thoughtfulness. And some of you still ask how she is doing.

I want to tell you about my sister now.

She is doing "okay."

She has good days and terrific days, and she has some pretty shitty days. She is healing.
I want to share that I have learned about strength and resiliency from her. I'm so impressed by, and proud of, her. Her ability to mourn with honesty and grace, and her will to get out of bed and keep moving make her a hero in my eyes.

Tomorrow morning, she and her husband will mark the one year point of when their sweet babies were stillborn. Please say a prayer, if you're so inclined.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute for our two little angels, they will always be remembered in this family’s hearts.
What an amazing, loving and utterly true observation of Lisa and her biggest supporter, Ken, in this loss.

Amanda said...

hugs and continued prayers to all involved.

Mandy said...

Heartbreakingly beautiful post, Amy. Prayers sent to them (and you).

AmyinMotown said...

Still so sad for your sister and her family. I hope this year has brought them some healing and [eace and I pray that that will continue.

Christina said...

Thinking of her and the rest of your family.

heather g h said...

This blog is beautiful. I am sending a prayer to Lisa, Ken, and MaKenna. Also to your whole family who loves each other madly.~hgh

Olga said...

Hi Amy, beautiful words for 2 little angels.

My cousin, my almost sister, also lost twins inside of her, 10 years ago. Ana Paula and Ana Christina, we consider them our guardian angels.