Thursday, December 10, 2009

holiday briefs

A few quick things:

The tree is up. Lights are on. When Jim plugged the lights in Willa literally gasped and said, "beautiful sight." I was delighted.

We've been holding off to decorate the tree. I've been concerned about a certain curious toddler. Last night we were ready to go, but Willa was terrible at the dinner table and wound up going to bed very, very early. Tonight we are hopeful, and thanks to winter, Jim's Masters class is cancelled. So, decorating is on if Willa behaves better and Jim gets home.

Henry and Willa have both taken turns lying under the Christmas tree. I don't know if they're enjoying a beautiful novelty or trying to show us how darn adorable they can be. Either way, it's sweet.

Henry has taken to wearing reindeer antlers around his neck today. Willa is wearing her pink boa, silver antlers, an orange scarf, a green skirt (don't worry, there are fleece pants under that), and a butterfly top.

The kids got to spend some time with Santa. It was fairly anti-Norman Rockwell. I got kid A placed on one Santa knee and reached for B while A was sliding off, repeat in reverse a few times before we gave up.

This pose is a lot like last year's pose. And Willa's first Christmas pose. Of course, at the end of the night, Jim and Willa spotted Santa and she ended up hugging him. A minute before Henry and I rounded the corner to join them.

And the family picture:

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