Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Zoo photos

We went to the John Ball Zoo on Sunday. This is the perfect size zoo for a hot August day with a toddler while 7 months pregnant. The Sinkis had a great time.


That's Jim holding Willa who is holding a seed-laden stick out to a budgie. The birds were not hungry on Sunday morning.

If she had asked if the goat could come home with us, I probably would have gone out and bought black ninja gear for our midnight goatnapping. She did not ask.

We pulled her strolled up to the spider monkey exhibit. She stood up and immediately did her monkey impression: "ooh ooh ooh, ah ah ah" with the scratching of the armpits. Funny kid, this one.


Erin N. said...

I love goats. I keep threatening my mom, telling her she's getting a pair for her birthday or Christmas, just so I can hang out with them.

Amanda said...

How fun! When we went we missed the wallaby :(

Allyson said...

I thought I spotted a GR spotting last sunday at the zoo...We were there too...