Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great Grandpa

"Willa," I said, "what would you like for dinner?"
"I not hungry."
"How about soup?"
"Nooo... I don't like soup."
"Sweet potato?"
"No. I don't want sweet potato."
"Otay. Frawwww - schases."
I play this joke over and over again on our unsuspecting daughter. Growing up, Grandpa (above) would offer us frawstaches to eat. Pals, frawstaches are the culinary equivalent of snipes. No such thing.
He's good with kids. You can see Willa's adoration and Henry's comfort above.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I hear his voice then the huge laugh playing through my head after reading that.
Grandpa always had us guessing what he would come up with next. I still would like to know who has the owl cookie jar, the simon we all played upstairs and the 8 track of The sound of Music. Not to mention countless other many items. I still think my favorite is him pushing the van with his magic finger.
Thanks I needed a giggle today.
Love ya

Christina said...

So cute!