Sunday, June 14, 2009


The chipmunks. We spent nearly all day in the backyard. It was a productive, relaxing, wonderful day. But those darn chipmunks hopped in and out of the strawberry patch while we were right there watching. And then they chirped at us as though to say, "human beings! This is our turf!"
Anyhow, I was feeling kind of garden zen today. Carved through one little bed that was getting overrun and weedy, made it bigger, transplanted a few of the hens and chicks into it. Moved some lilac... saplings [? What are young shrubs called? Onward.] to create a natural barrier between us and the neighbor's yard. Weeded like a maniac. Filled the wheelbarrow dumped, repeated. Moved more plants around.
In between, we filled up the baby pool, put out the hammock, Jim put up a canopy tent and we had ourselves a summer day in the yard, complete with icy lemonade.


heather g h said...

sounds wonderful!

Juli D said...

Shrublings? Shrubabies?

EJBABY said...

my neighbor gave me some bloodmeal 12-0-0 to make my strawberries pest resistent. It's a soil conditioner, but it disturbs any curious pests.Not exactly sure why!

AmyinMotown said...

Question: What do the kids do when you're doing all this? I have a really hard time getting work done because mine are just into everything and while I can weed and water OK, doing major work is hard. And our yard shows it!

apt said...

Jolynn, glad the bloodmeal is working for you guys. Bloodmeal isn't vegetarian, so I keep looking for other options. Glaring at the chipmunks isn't working.

Juli, good suggestions.

Amy, Willa is going through a worm fascination phase. I dig and she collects the worms. Henry isn't as mobile as Will (for now), so the playpen or exersaucer... I need to get a bunch done before he's walking!

Heather, come by anytime. You can enjoy the scenery from your own bench!