Friday, June 12, 2009

Random spouting (this is a clever title, considering the last line - just making that clear)

Henry slept all night. Willa woke up dry again this morning.
The switch from analog to digital TV happened this morning, and it looks like the world continues to spin on its axis.
The tomatoes have enjoyed the recent rain and are shooting up.
The lavender is in bloom. Poor plant doesn't know that it's about to be dug up and made into a few different plants.
Jim's hearing is coming back after over a week of his deaf ear being his good ear. Yikes. He pressured the doctor into really working for him and they'll be discussing possible re-reconstruction (not a typo, he has a man made eardrum in one ear, and it never worked the way it should have) methods in a few weeks.
I continue my feud with the neighborhood chipmunks, ironically the same week that Jim and Willa bring "Alvin and the Chipmunks" home from the video store again. They have clear cut some of my sprouting sunflowers, have bitten off more than they can chew and leave parts of ripening strawberries in the driveway, and are ruining my bean crop. I am a pacifist - especially when it comes to animals - but these guys? Call me Ahab, and they are my white whale.

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Kerri said...

If you can wait, don't split your lavender while it's blooming. Splitting flowers in bloom is really stressful for them, and sometimes the transplants don't make it. Not that I'm some garden expert, but that's what I've been told.
It sounds like things are well on the homefront. :)