Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today I started tomato and aster seeds, and found the maternity clothes box.

After Willa's nap we went to the Nature Center and had a nice walk in 50 degree sunny weather. We got all 5 things on our Target list (and, of course a few things that weren't), and then came home.

This put me 2 hours behind in taking the medicine that is supposed to keep me feeling better. A big cup of water, a teeny pill, and a few hours on the couch, and I'm feeling all right again.

This was our first outing where Willa walked the whole time. No stroller, no shoulders... she's getting so darn big.

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Christina said...

Oh good! It sounds like you're feeling better. Isn't that so liberating for Willa to not have to be in the stroller! Good for her! You'll appreciate that once baby#2 is here!