Friday, April 18, 2008

A ripple wakes the pond

I'm a little giddy today. Spring has caused my senses to overwhelm logic, and I just can't wait to be outside and take it all in.

I have a rhino-sized burden off of my shoulders now that I've told my boss about the impending lime with reflexes. It went very well. She said "Congratulations." My last boss did not when I shared news of an impending Willa.

Also, it's Friday and we have Tulips in the front yard, and a hammock just waiting to be lounged upon.

Jim says he's feeling a little off today. He blames the ear infection. I blame the earthquake.


Christina said...

Yay! I'm glad your talk went well!!

Kerri said...

Hooray for spring! I'm with ya!

I'm glad everything went well with telling work about the baby.

I never could understand why bosses are weirdos about their employees having babies. What, they don't have a family themselves? It's completely rude. At least you don't work for that guy anymore!

apt said...

Kerri, the ironic thing is boss #1 during pregnancy #1 was a woman with 2 grown children.