Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Willa away

It's still somewhat odd to me that Willa continues to exist after I pull away from her daycare. I know - holy ego, right? But imagining her life out of sight from Jim and I is difficult sometimes.

As she becomes more verbal, there is proof that she's leading quite a full life.

Yesterday I picked her up, and her teacher asked if she watches the movie Annie at home. I had meant to mention to them that Willa may try to turn the Toddler 2 room into a musical about a delightful red headed orphan. All day, Miss Kelly reports, she sang, "ToMORrow, ToMORrow.... a-wayyyyy" over and over again. In the sandbox, while relaxing pre-nap, during art. Like a broken record, that one.

We also found out that 2 of the boys in her room growl at her because it makes her cry. This is weird because at home she's been growling and laughing at herself for months. Jim was very upset when he first heard about this. We've been growling even more at home, hoping that she wouldn't be scared of the two boys anymore.

On the way to the grocery store, she started, "GRRRROOOWWWLLLL - like a BEAR!" she yelled, "mommy and daddy scared."
"We're not scared, Willa. We know it's just you."
She rumbled in the back seat for a while.
Jim said, "I know we want her to be a nice girl, but I want to teach her to bite the bullies."
"She'll get over it, and the teachers are dealing with it. I don't even know if it's happening anymore."
"When she's in high school, I'm going to teach her to kick the boys in the balls."
"That's fine. You can stay at home with her when she's suspended."


Kerri said...

That's funny about Jim staying home with Willa when she gets suspended.

Too bad your daycare doesn't have the viedo cameras so you could see Willa in action all day long. Of course, you have to leave a little mystery, right?

apt said...

If they had a video camera, I'd get less done at work, for sure.
And then I'd demand a camera in elementary school... college... you know, crazy mom.

Kerri said...

Good point. I think my work output suffers enough just from the nest and blogger.