Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation review, part 1

It's been a hard transition back from our vacation. This was no few days away from the office. It was like a pack retreat (it included the dogs), and it was blissful. I figure instead of post all at once about it, I'll savor the review over a few days.

On July 4 we drove from our house to my parents' cottage at Higgens Lake. We spent a relaxing few days up there reading, eating, napping, talking and playing at the lake. While Jim and I were sad that none of my siblings were able to make the trip, it was nice to have my parents alone. Even when we're visiting them at their house, there's always some other activities abuzz. It was nice to slow down a little and really get to talk with them. Also? Willa enjoyed putting on a show for them, including saying their last name out loud for the first time. And folks, it's no easy name to spit out.

In this photo Willa is trying to reach for the water with Grandma's help.

Here's Grandpa drawing a mouse. And then erasing it to make a smaller mouse. Willa was very demanding that Grandpa draw a "little mouse."

Note the fancy slipcover. That used to be my sheet many years ago.

Willa, Arlo (who has a cold nose, according to Willa) and I sitting on an air mattress at the fire one night.

This guy? I totally married him. And have said a "thank you" prayer every day since.

A little walk to the Lake.

More goggle fun. Notice the feet up on the tree stump. She was imitating my mom, move for move.

A few other notes from this leg of the trip: the night of the fire, my dad, Jim and I saw a meteor streak from one side of the sky to the other. It was huge and awesome.

I rediscovered my love for JuJu Fruit candy.

Willa liked to hop from one area rug to the next in the cottage.

Willa has decided that my dad is her buddy. And my mom is getting closer and closer.

The fireworks on the lake the night of the 4th were plentiful. There were probably more than a dozen neighborhood shows going on all at once. It was pretty cool.

Jim and mom and dad, anything to add?


Christina said...

love the way u write and observe the little things!

Keri said...

I love all the pictures! Everyone looks so relaxed and happy.

Kerri said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing. It looks like a great trip!

Em said...

I love that last picture...she's just chill-axin' with her feet on a stump. PERFECT.

Anonymous said...

yahoo for a great trip for the sinkis! I can't wait to read more!~hgh