Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chapter 4 in the handbook for teen pregnancy prevention

I am feeling like the poster child for the reason several industrialized countries give new mothers a year of maternity leave. In other words, I'm kinda of an exhausted mess.
Today. Today the little feeling of messhood has a big ole magnifying glass over it. I promise, I'm all right, but geez...
Last night during her bath Willa looked at me after laughing while floating in the water and said, "my ear hurts." At 2am, I finally got her to sleep. Between those times she cried and yelled. She wanted go lie down with me upstairs in her bed. We'd get to her bed, and she "needed" to be downstairs on the couch. Or in mom and dad's bed.
I did not sleep much the night before (thanks, teething).
I was worn down and pretty much willing to let Willa have what ever it took to quiet her down and get her comfortable. Watching Annie on the couch with me? Sure. Telling her stories about my pet chicken? Okay, 1 am is a good time for that. Rocking, head stroking... Hey, who wants ice cream?! Just kidding, there was no ice cream...
She would not let Jim comfort her. So, he worked to get Henry back to sleep after Willa's wails woke him.
Finally, after holding her very close and shushing her for 20 minutes, she fell asleep in my arms.
I felt my muscles relax, laid her in bed with Jim and went to the couch. My head hit a pillow.
And then Henry woke up.


Kerri said...

Dang. Rough night. How's the ear today? All better I hope.

Keri said...

That handbook isn't just for teens.

I hope you have a better night tonight. Last night sounded pretty rough. And it brings me back to my usual question of, "How in the world do working mothers successfully function in everyday life?" You all deserve medals.

AmyinMotown said...

I am so sorry. Been there. Try, try try to get to bed early tonight, that always helps me. And get takeout tonight. And maybe take advantage of working at home and try to get a little nap at lunch hour tomorrow? if I can just close my eyes for 20 minutes it really helps take the edge of that exhaustion.

And if it helps, I think you are doing an AWESOME job and are not a mess at all. You seem like you have a very well-balanced life and are a terrific mother and wife. And facing down month 15 with a baby who hates to sleep, I can tell you it gets so much easier. Will sleeps now and is usually only up once a night.