Monday, May 18, 2009

he said, he said, he said, she said...

"These woods are so dense. You know, they drop SEALS in the woods for training."
"Somewhere way back there is an antenna that 100 feet long. The ELF is for transmitting to submarines."
"And if you hike through the woods and over a few dunes, there are nudist beaches."

"So you spent a lot of time up here in high school?"
"Late high school and early college."
"Mmmm hmmmm...."
"Well, not that I don't believe any of what you're saying, but you absolutely sound like a high school version of Jim: covert military training, 100 foot long antenna, nudists..."
"HA- oh, shut up."


Sinki's husband said...

Ohh, you are in trouble young lady!!!

Kerri said...

The nudists. He lost me at the nudists. I would've believed it until then, but since my husband and none of his friends have ever been to the nudist colony in woods up north, I knew it didn't exist. I can't imagine that one slipping by any of them for all these years. ha.

heather g h said...

nudists... ahhh jim

Sinki's husband said...

the nudists are one of the probably more true parts of the story. It has shown up in Frommer guide to north America.

Also in The Seal training manual!