Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The D

I just met with my favorite socially awkward, but super sweet-research geek of a rheumatologist. Here's the latest:
CK level (remember? this was the enzyme that was high and had me terrified that I had ALS, Lupus, or some awful disease) is back to normal. Yay!
Vitamin D is climbing, but not at a great level yet. Low-normal level is 30, I'm at 24. So much better than the original 18, I think.
Public Service Announcement: Vit. D defficiency is actually a growing concern, and can lead to all kinds of health problems including an increased risk of Cancer, auto-immune disorders, and in my case muscle pain. Get it checked out people. Soon the FDA will likely raise the daily recs of vitamin D from 400 to 800 IUs. Take care of yourself.
Woah, isn't it weird to trip over a soap box?
Anyhow, Dr. is keeping me on my perscription D2 vitamin, but I'll go to a 2 times a week dose instead of 1. In 2 months I'll get checked out again. But, we agreed that if my family practicioner is okay with taking the baton back, there's no need to continue with Mr. "I'm a kid genius who can't make eye contact with you."
Good news!
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Christina said...

Glad things got better!