Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sluggish, sick, alone time

The economy and I aren't feeling well lately. The Feds cut interest rates today. I went to bed at 9:30 last night.
The Feds and I both hope that these unusual measures help give the economy and my body a boost.
Willa brought home from daycare last week a charming art piece composed of tissue paper glued on to a paper plate. She also brought home a stomach bug. This kept her home from daycare for 4 days. And then Jim got it. I believe I've mentioned here that he's kind of a baby when he's ill.
So. I don't think it's the bug that's got me down, but exhaustion, and just a general wearing down.
I've been daydreaming about having an afternoon to myself.
Before I landed this job, I spent some time making coffee for people in a bookstore. Often we'd have regulars who would come in, get their mocha, pull their book out of a canvas sack, find a comfy chair and spend an hour or two reading. I often wondered why they didn't do this at home.
Now I'm thinking about packing my own canvas bag with a warm blanket and my own book.
Moms, what do you do with your well earned "alone time?" How do you carve that out from the rest of your daily responsibilities?


Anonymous said...

When she's napping, I'm either napping, cleaning, putzing on the computer, or just relaxing on the couch. When she goes down for the night it could go either way, spend time with M or spend time being by myself. I've been trying for the past few days to clean my scrapping area so I can prepare for a crop this Saturday, but I'm getting no where. 'Me' time is few and far between, but I think us as Moms signed up for that. Get a hobby. Something that takes you out of the house. I'll be gone the entire day on Saturday and even though I'll miss her, I need this to have adult conversation and just be me. I recharge and come back a better Momma. ~B

Christina said...

OMG, that's hard to answer because I don't get that very often. There of course is the "hybrid" time where the kids are occupied so I will jump on the computer and read my blogs and message boards. I also am trying to learn Photoshop so I will do that too. Then, if I am really alone, I will try to get a leg up on weekly chores and then maybe something for me. I do read my magazines while on the eliptical machine at 5:30 in the morning so of course, no one else is around. I also have an all-day scrapbooking event coming up and I may be taking a weekly photography class so that I will be alone for too..

I hope you feel better!

AmyinMotown said...

I don't do as much alone time as I should, but having a husband with a clue (as it seems you do) is very helpful. When I am at the end of my rope, I tell him I need that and off I go at a mutually convenient time. He's able to pick up the slack. I do usually try to do it after she's in bed or overlapping nap time or whatever. It's absolutely not something you should feel bad about. I feel like I've been on a small vacation after a bit of me time.

It's also nice to do the whole "grab a book and a glass of wine and flop in a chair" thing after she's down.

I should add this is easy for me because I am a horrible housekeeper, I could give a shit less about the overall cleanliness as long as the place isn't condemnable or covered in pet fur.

What I do have a horrible time with is keeping up with distant friends. I just cannot stay on the phone that long too often.

Jana said...

I have dreams about doing what your customers did: camping out in a coffee shop and reading for pleasure. These days, if I get a break, I spend it cleaning, cooking, working on schoolwork, or frantically reading blogs.

I have, however, started spending an hour a day four days a week running. I guess that's time for myself. I'd rather have a mocha, to be honest!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, alone time isn't time that I do much. I sit in front of the TV when I do because its the easiest to "set up" for myself - so is reading a book. Then when my 15 minutes are up (at least that's what it feels like) I go "Now why did I waste my time on that?" Time with friends who have kids is very relaxing to me right now. The kids keep each other busy, while I hold youngest and have adult conversation - even though we talk about our kids basically. The other thing that I do, that is helpful, is to live vicariously through other people. ;)

Truthfully, this is what is always changing for me. We are going to school and he wants to get rid of his naps, which is when I would spend time with the younger of the two. Now I'm trying to find time for myself, husband, maid, friend, mom to Casey, mom to Aiden, and teacher to both. It's not fun, but you have to look at the little things that brighten up your day that you taught them or you do get. . . . Watching Casey go up to Aiden saying "You're okay." when he is crying - knowing that is exactly what I would have done and taking a warm shower with no interruptions from the peanut gallery. These are a few of my favorite things. ~Jen