Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's too early for Spring Fever!!

We were watching Sophia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" last night and the garden scenes did something weird to me. I craved peonies. I saw her pick one and I thought I want, no I NEED one of those. Then I reminded myself that come May, I'll have 2 bushes full. Jim gave me white and a pink peony bushes for my first Mother's Day.
Seed catalogues, and a photo of a delicate Bleeding Heart in bloom...
3 months until the bulbs bloom, friends. Wait with me.
In the mean time, let's talk about starting plants from seed. Any hints, good places to learn? I'm thinking we'll do melons and tomatoes, and maybe some flowers too.

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Christina said...

OH, I am so right there with you. I just ordered all of my flower seeds ( on the first. Here's what I got:
Delosperma Stardust
Coleus Chocolate Mint
Petunia Dolcissima Limoncello
Petunia Dolcissima Fragolino
Petunia Dolcissima Flambe
Gomphrena Strawberry Fields
Shasta Daisy Snow Lady
Delosperma Stardust
Linaria Enchantment
Hollyhock Happy Lights
Petunia Shockwave Ivory
Zinnia Envy

The Zinnia Envy and the Doliccisma petunias were my absolute favorites from last year. Everything else is new.

I can't wait!! I am not sure when I will start growing them. All I know is I need to start a little earlier than last year. I use the seed starters that you can get from Lowe's or Meijer for that matter. It helps to have a really sunny place in your house or in some of the seeds cases, a nice warm area. Depending on how much you get, you'll need a lot of room..

I REALLY want some peonies but since our landscaping needs a lot of work, Jason said that we should wait until we get it designed better..