Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sinki says, "Michigan, go vote"

I know, I know... if you're looking forward to voting for your favorite candidate who isn't on the ticket, it's frustrating, and makes one wonder how much a a voice a single person has in this democracy of ours... disenchantment... blah blah...

If you're considering not voting next Tuesday because of this, I ask you to reconsider.

Please read this. I'll wait...

Back? Okay. I don't necessarily share Mark Brewers thoughts that the DNC will suddenly let delegates take their seats, but maybe? I'd like to be a delegate. Imagining sitting on a bus or plane heading to the convention in Denver. "Are we going to get in? Are we going to be locked out in a hallway?" It's kind of exciting in the same way as losing your last baby tooth: "is the tooth fairy going to come and leave some cash? Do mom and dad know I stopped believing?"

Anyhow, you have a voice, and I don't know what the outcome of voting in the Primaries will be, but go - it is an exciting time when the status quo is challenged . Vote next Tuesday. Even if you're voting for a Republican. And if you don't vote? Really, you've just knocked yourself out of the right to complain about 1) the candidate and 2) the current primary process.

In fact, send me photos of you wearing your "I voted" sticker to enter a raffle for an exciting prize.

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Amanda said...

First of all... you could just go vote for my man Thompson!

Second of all, my voting place doesn't give stickers :(