Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Numbers and Names

Willa counts. She skips one and continues in this manner: "Two. Free. 'our. Five. Six. 'even. Six. 'even." The six seven thing goes on for a while. She might really be starting to understand the concept of counting (she'll point to a birds in a book and say the words one by one). She knows the concept of two, which impresses me. Who am I kidding, the smell of her socks at night impresses me.... Anyhow, yesterday she handed Jim the content of what she had been carrying and said, "two balloons." Correct.

Last night on the drive home, I called Willa by her first and last name. She giggled and repeated it (which sounded adorable, by the way). Then I said "Arlo [last name which isn't really Sinki]" and she giggled and repeated it and said, "Greta...." and waited for me to finish which I did and she giggled. Then she said, "Daddy [last name]" and the same with mama, and laughed and laughed.
I told her we all shared that name because we're in one family. Which was also very funny to her.
It will be interesting when she learns that MaKenna's middle name is our last name. I've already been crafting a story about how Lisa and Ken stole MaKenna from our family before she was born.


Anonymous said...

terrific!! ~hgh

Anonymous said...

That would be really funny since you didn't know Jim when I had her.
Then again I'm the adopted one.
Love ya.