Monday, January 19, 2009

Dear Henry,

Well, here we are on our first day apart.
I'm back at work, surrounded by files and bare walls; a result of having prepared to move into a home office before we knew the technology would delay it.
You are experiencing your first day at day care. I have been thinking about you all day.
Are you napping now? On your back? Are you giving your teacher an easy time of that?
Are you enjoying new faces and sounds? Willa met Seth on her first day there. 2 and half years later, they're best friends. I hope you've found a little buddy.
Are you taking your bottles all right? How much have you eaten? I need to know how much to stress about only pumping 13 ounces today.
Has Willa been in to visit you? Did you give her your full grin? Was she happy to see you at "her" school?
I am wondering if babies have the ability to miss people.
Because I am counting the minutes until I can scoop you up, bury my nose in your wispy hair and smell your sweet baby breath. I am excited about feeding you, and hugging you, and even changing your diaper.
26 minutes until I leave. Tick, tick, tick...


Anonymous said...

i see that you got alot accomplished today. hope the second day goes better. was thinking of you today. love your lil sis

Bri said...

LOL Welcome back to the working world.. I'm still trying to figure out how you had a baby before me and went back to work after me... LOL I came home from work Sunday morning and peeked over the crib, she looked at me and smiled. Yes, I think babies can miss people.