Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Full ears, full house

Our house sounds like a blend of pet shop and playground.
Willa sings! Runs! Skips! Laughs because, "[I] like to laugh!" Everything she is doing is with enthusiasm, hence the !. A simple request for milk turns into a musical with singing and dancing and sometimes the splits. The cranky times are just as much a production.
Henry has found and is amused by his vocal cords. Last night he was in his exersaucer and yelling for 20 minutes. He was not upset, there were no tears. He was grinning and screeching at the same time. He sounds much like a parrot: similar sounds over and over.
Right now our house is a loud mess. The kitchen is getting closer to being done, we're preparing for my office to move home and getting used to baby gear - all over - all over again. It is loud and messy and completely full of life.


--Lindsay-- said...

This sounds like a description of the perfect home :o) I can't wait until mine is as full of life as yours!

Anonymous said...

that when you know it's a home. not just any home your own home. love ya