Thursday, January 08, 2009

Funny kids

On the way home today, in the car:
"Willa, are you kind of sleepy?"
"A little bit."
"You had a big day, eh?"
"No... I a little girl. I have a little day."

Willa's fears continue to be influenced by Christmas and child -oriented tv specials. Bill and Jackie (and "Otis da puppy") gave her the box set of retro Christmas special dvds. She's watched Frosty the Snowman a few times already. The past 2 mornings, she's greeted me with, "good morning momma. I not melt like Frosty today, otay?"

Henry cracks us up too. He's easy to amuse: even in the saddest of crying jags (his, not mine) all you have to do to get him to laugh is to stick out your tongue.

These things help when a winter hater like me has endured Western Michigan's 2nd snowiest December and has started receiving seed and bulb catalogs in the mail. Jim is not keen on a move to somewhere (anywhere!) in zones 8-10. And I suppose the rational side of me agrees that family is more important than the ability to grow calla lilies outdoors year round.


apt said...

you are my zone ten!

apt said...

While I do have a healthy self esteem, that was Jim logged in as me above.

Anonymous said...

get a heat lamp like kp.... that is how she keeps hers "plants" indoors.
i know exactly how you feel. it was sunny yesterday to the point that i needed sunglasses. which i had to first find, dust off and clean. today was very cloudy and so depressing knowing that 8 to 10 inches of snow is coming on friday. We can go to the i-max theater and watch the under the ocean movie. would that help? using mind over matter. we can pretend that we are scuba diving in the great barrier reef and still be home in time to feed henry. cute story about willa. makenna sees a snowman and yells HAPPY BIRTHDAY... lov ya...

Keri said...

I love Willa's comment about her "little day"! How astute.

Anonymous said...

LOL Willa reminded me of our conversation on Christmas.
"I'm two and then when I'm three I'll be a big girl."
"But your a big girl already."
"No. When I'm three then I'm a big girl."

Christina said...

Oh my gosh! I wish I coiuld remember to write down all of the cute stuff the kids say! This one made me LOL!