Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's neat

When Willa was a (cranky) baby, I made up lyrics to accompany the music on her crib mobile. It was a survival technique: if I could control what was coming out of my mouth, I wouldn't concentrate on the wails coming out of hers. There were many times that I would cuddle her ear to my mouth, hoping that my calm voice would settle her down. It worked sometimes. We still occasionally sing the song to her, and now Henry (who is infinitely less cranky than she was, and Willa was fairly easy).
Last week, after reading her bedtime stories, Willa snuggled into me and started singing:
"Daddy loves you
and Willa loves you
and Henry loves you
and the dogs love you
and we're so happy that you are here with us
oh, my beautiful mommy."


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Keri said...

You have such a sweet little girl. Beautiful story.

Anonymous said...

brings tears to my eyes... SLA