Tuesday, March 30, 2010

not a fan of rationing

We used to set out a dish of dog food for Arlo and Greta, and made sure it always had food in it. They self-regulated well, and we didn't have to worry about them overeating. Then Greta doubled her width.
For about 5 months, I've measure out their food in the morning and after our dinner. They eat it, and wait for the next meal.
This week, I've noticed they weren't eating. I was starting to get concerned.
I got out of the shower this morning and heard *plink plink* Hmmm... I peeked around the corner to find Henry carrying the measuring cup to the dish with 5 pieces of dog food. He repeated this four times before I let him know he was being watched.
So, they've been eating what I've set out, and what I've seen as "leftovers" were just Henry's handouts.

Friday, March 19, 2010

counting blessings

Willa and Henry were on either side of me, happily nibbling on peanut butter and jelly and chatting with each other.

"I am a very lucky mom," I told them, "I have two wonderful kids."

Willa's eyebrows knitted together. "Mom... am I one of them?"

"How many kids do I have, Willa?"


"Well, then you are, right?"

"Good, I hoped so."

Henry laughed and threw his shoes on the floor.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Spring

Willa, Henry, and I sat on a large wooden deck that overlooked the Blandford Nature Center woods. We ate oranges and graham crackers, and listened to birds. It was warm, and serene.

Later we walked on the trail, Henry holding Willa's hand during the less flat points. We saw maple sap collection buckets and greening ferns, and recovering owls.

We came home and chalked the sidewalk. Jim arrived home and we all played outside.

One of the new crocus is up, and is the sweetest buttery yellow. Peonies are pushing up their red nubs. Mums are sending up leaves.

Spring officially starts on Saturday. At camp Sinki, we're not much for "official."

Monday, March 15, 2010


"You know..." I told Jim, "they don't have passports. We could cross the border and they couldn't catch us."

Over the past three days, she refuses to listen, and he refuses to eat.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

checking in

I'm certain this is the longest I've gone without a blog update.

We're doing just fine.

Right now it's raining all of the snow away, and I'm grinning. We have 5 patches of purple crocus blooming next to our house. The tulips are stretching leaves out of the ground.

Jim's got the first three chapters of his thesis done. Closer to the degree, and still with all A's.

Willa got a new bathing suit. That evening she put it on Henry. He ran around cackling.

Willa and I went to the Ferdinand and the Bull concert from the Symphony. It was great.

Henry and I went to the GR zoo this week. He was more interested in the ducks in the pond than the lions on the other side of the plexiglass.

Jim and I went out tonight. All by ourselves. So nice.

We all went to a farm owned by Jim's coworker, Robin. We played with piglets, goats, chickens, horses and cows.

I've had less time on the computer, as our home laptop died. While I miss my online outlet to the adult world (HA! That didn't come out right, but I'm not changing it), and am frustrated about an impact on the ole job search, I'm getting more done at home and away.