Wednesday, April 28, 2010

7 x 5

So, I went ahead and turned 35 yesterday.

Gosh, I'm a lucky gal. Willa and I were playing when she jumped up and hugged me, "MOM! It's your birthday! Happy birthday!"

The kids and I went to the zoo. Jim came home from work early for birthday cake (before dinner!). He and Willa made a delicious pineapple upside down cake.

In addition to the days away in Traverse City, Jim hunted down a new Americorps sweatshirt. It's strange to have one that doesn't have paint stains and dirt that never came out, but so nice to have something to remind me of a very special year in my life.

And then we all went to Gaia for dinner. This is the vegetarian place in town, and we don't get there as often as I'd like. I loved my veggie hash, and Jim found a lot to like in the Mean Green Burrito (maybe we'll be back sooner than later now?).

We finished the meal with Henry dumping a half glass of ice water on me.

Jim had an evening meeting; when he left, I took the kids to the Meijer Gardens. Local folks, I haven't thought much of Chihuly until yesterday. Go! Go see it!

I ended the evening in a less than awesome way: on the couch for an honest to awful migraine. I know this sounds ridiculous, but in the absence of ability to play with my three favorite people in the house (luckily Jim returned just in time), I sat in a quiet, dark room thinking about what a strangely fantastic past year has been.

I didn't plan to lose my job, but while I've been spending time looking for the next step, I've been mindful of the time I've been given to concentrate on other priorities.

Two afternoons ago, I was sitting on the floor, surrounded by Little People Toys and listening to the kids chat with each other. I had this song in the background and when Michelle Shocked got to the "I think I'm a housewife" lyric, I grinned.

It was, indeed, a happy, happy birthday. Thanks y'all for being in my life and making my life so much richer.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday eve

"Dad," she whispers to Jim, "bring your ear over here... I want to give mom 2 dresses. A purple dress and a green dress. With polka dots. They should be brown."

As Willa suggested gifts to Jim she got louder and more active in her dinner chair.

She stopped and looked at me. "MOM! This is secret."

Henry has been singing "happy... to you" all day. He has been carrying plaster cupcake magnets around yell/laughing "HAPPY CAKE!"

My birthday officially starts in, I guess, one minute. The kids are giddy. That and Jim's terrific concert in Traverse City surprise makes me feel honored, indeed.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweetness follows

Our night time routine with the kids has settled into plucking them out of their shared bath and then playing man-to-man defense. Jim reads Henry his stories, sings him a sweet song, and tucks him in. I take Willa upstairs for her stories, a discussion of the day, and kisses.

Last night, Jim was taking Henry toward the crib. "Goodnight, Henry," I said, "I love you."

He replied, "I love you too, mommmmmie."

And I teared up a little. For some reason the "too" made a difference. He's not just repeating what we're saying; he understands, he knows, he reciprocates.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Away and back

Three cheers for Jim!

As an early birthday present, he whisked Family de Sinki to Traverse City for a mid-week getaway. Tuesday night he and I went to the Opera House for a Martin Sexton concert. "Wait," you're thinking, "what about the tots de Sinki?" He asked his parents to come visit their favorite city away from home and to watch the kids while we were on an honest to goodness date.

Family getaway and some nice time with my husband: awesome.

The concert, by the way, was amazing. Martin Sexton plays and sings on of his favorite songs for you here. This song continues a theme that has been presented for me to ponder lately: becoming who you are through not becoming other things. I'm liking it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sinkis in the news

I really like that the Grand Rapids Press captures and publishes families in the act of having fun about town. Now all 4 of the Sinkis have been published. The only drawback is Henry is being a huge diva this week.
On the left is Sunday's spotting of us at the kids museum with Lisa, Ken, and MaKenna. On the right is a picture of Willa and I at the Gardens a while back.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Shortcake tooks a lonnnnnng time

took a very. long. time. And 70 or so minutes into it, Willa entered the kitchen, said, "that's wonderful, mom. But where's her kitten? I wanted her kitten on the cake too." I sent her out, took 10 deep breaths and continued decorating.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Four Years Old

I've been observing this stranger walking around my house this week.

She resembles someone I feel like I knew. She actually reminds me a lot of me as a youngster.

Willa turned four years old yesterday.

She came down to my side of the bed at 3 am, afraid of the thunderstorm. At 4, I took her to the couch with me so Jim could sleep. We whispered for a while.

"You are four years old now, Willa."
"No, it's not day yet."
"But you were born at 2:51 am, so you're official now. Happy birthday, sweetie."
"Do I look different now, mom?"
"Shhhh....let's talk when the sun comes up."

I nuzzled her back to sleep, thinking about how she and I dozed in a hospital bed together 4 years ago.

I occasionally verbalize my thanks to her for making me a mom. On her birthday, she responded with, "thank you for making me a Willa, mom."

What a great kid, what an incredible adventure.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dear Children of the world: I'm sorry

She looks cute and innocent, but she's planning something diabolical.

So, if Monday's headlines read that zillions of small kids awoke on Easter to find no hidden eggs or baskets of goodies, you can blame it on Camp Sinki.

Willa informed me this morning of a major plot she's been developing. She's going to capture the Easter Bunny. She's gone as far as to decide where she'll stow the dogs so they don't scare the Easter Bunny away. "I'll keep him in a box in my room, mom, and let him out every year so he can go hide eggs."

We've bargained that if she can catch the EB, she can keep him. And that she needs to be sure that she was the last on his list this year.

I'll keep you posted.